Russian film industry is very much on the drive now picking up the slack of the great traditions of the soviet filmmaking. Today around 120 local films are released every year with twice as much being in production. Films from Russia draw more and more attention at the global scale, too, being present at the main market events and sold to more than 70 countries.


Moscow and Saint Petersburg are called two capitals. But Russia is much more than that. There are 15 cities in Russia with the population of million people and more. Railroad stations, public transportation and airports are in quick access in big cities. A total of 80 international airports around the country serve the needs of citizens and foreign guests. Thousands of kilometers of railroads and trans-regional federal roads cover the territory of the country.


Due to the current economic situation for the past 3 years Russia has become extremely beneficial place to stay. As of 2017 the famous The Economist’s Big Mac Rating has put Russia on 44th position out 48 countries in terms of Big Mac pricing ($2,15). Food, hotels and services are really cheap in Russia now. That includes the filming services, too.


When it comes to Russia a potential visitor normally thinks of stereotypical cold winters and vast planes covered with snow. However, it’s much more diverse. Russia is the largest country in the world covering the territory of more than 17 000 000 sq. meters (10 000 000 sq. miles), spreading over 5 climate zones and 11 time zones. With that in mind one can literally find any landscape and weather he wants. That provides filmmakers with thousands of filming locations depending on their preferences and script


Russia is a multicultural nation. Standing on the meeting point between Europe and Asia with nearly 12 hundred years history Russia is a homeland to numerous cultures. Around 190 different nationalities live on the modern territory the country making contribution to the history, architecture and traditions of it.