Russian film industry is very much on the drive now picking up the slack of the great traditions of the soviet filmmaking. Today around 120 local films are released every year with twice as much being in production. Films from Russia draw more and more attention at the global scale, too, being present at the main market events and sold to more than 70 countries.

The past five years have been a huge step forward for the industry with several domestic films shot in 3D, prepared for IMAX and mixed in Dolby Atmos. Local film crews have gained experience in many aspects of filmmaking being able to compete with any European country in terms of quality. In addition many production and post-production facilities have appeared, while many were renovated.

More than 10 big studios with a wide range of soundstages (up to 3000 sq. m) and backlots and dozens of smaller studios in Moscow only, provide filmmakers with a variety of service to the client’s demand. 35 and 16 mm cameras, digital cameras, dollies, cranes, lighting – local rental houses offer any kind of equipment that filmmakers from all over the globe are used to. All renowned brands like ARRI, Red, Kodak, Carl Zeiss and many other are present here.

Russian post-production opportunities deserve a special note. Several state-of-the-art facilities already attract attention of the foreign filmmakers for the quality of services and reasonable pricing. DaVinci, Autodesk, Avid, Nucoda – no matter what professional tools you are used to, you can find them here.

The recent films have also proven the trustworthiness of the Russian VFX industry. With the budgets manifold lower than average in Europe, the UK or the US the Russian VFX artists show off phenomenal results and high level of professionalism being able to recreate onscreen anything from a CG spaceship to an entire cityscape.