Russia is a multicultural nation. Standing on the meeting point between Europe and Asia with nearly 12 hundred years history Russia is a homeland to numerous cultures. Around 190 different nationalities live on the modern territory the country making contribution to the history, architecture and traditions of it.

Russian cities greatly reflect the fusion of cultures and architectural styles. While Moscow boasts of eclectic mix of ancient orthodox churches, art noveau, soviet and modern architecture, Saint-Petersburg strictly sticks to the European classicism, rococo and neoclassicism with its imperial palaces, bascule bridges and cathedrals. The European culture has its strong presence in Kaliningrad, which used to be a German town Konigsberg. The German history reflected in the medieval castles and churches that still surround the city. Those who search for the traditional Russian culture can find what they need in Kostroma, Moscow region, Kaluga or Tula. The capital of Tatarstan, Kazan is a perfect example of peaceful coexistence of Christian and Muslim heritage, a place where two cultures meet to create such unique artifacts as the Kazan Kremlin. Farther East, Asian culture has its influence on the cityscapes. In the regions like Buryatia or Kalmykia you will even find Buddhist temples. Down south the ancient watchtowers of Ossetia and Dagestan still dominate over the landscape of the Caucasian mountains, while the ruins of the old Byzantine temples attract tourists to Krasnodar krai.