Moscow and Saint Petersburg are called two capitals. But Russia is much more than that. There are 15 cities in Russia with the population of million people and more. Railroad stations, public transportation and airports are in quick access in big cities. A total of 80 international airports around the country serve the needs of citizens and foreign guests. Thousands of kilometers of railroads and trans-regional federal roads cover the territory of the country.

Internet has become the lifeblood for many Russians for the past decade. Most cafés and hotels in the regional centers provide access to the Wi-Fi network. 4G/LTE networks are already present in 83 out of 85 regions of Russia covering around 60% of the population of the country.

Today Russia is in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2018. 11 cities will be welcoming football (soccer) fans all around the globe. Booming cities of Sochi and Kazan already have a fresh experience in hosting big international events like the Winter Olympic Games 2014 and Universiade 2013, while the other 9 cities are keeping up building new stadiums and athletic venues, airports, roads and hotels.

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