Adygea is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Adygea is region is rich in waterfalls, caves, rock formations, gorges, canyons, rivers, alpine meadows, pine and fir forests.

Adygea is rich in interesting natural areas and objects: the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve located in the Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar krai, the National Park «Mountainous Adygea», a number of unique natural sites.
Khadzhokhsky Gorge, a canyon of the Belaya River, begins in the vicinity of Maikop. Near the canyon there are waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream.

Adygea Republic is a federal subject of the Russian Federation, part of the Southern Federal District. The republic is an enclave within Krasnodar Krai. Maykop is the capital city of the region.
The northern part of the region consists mainly of plains while the southern part has mountains. The main river of the region is the Kuban River. The highest mountains are Chugush (3238 m) and Fisht (2868 m).
The territory of Adygea has been inhabited since ancient times. Also, there are a lot of archaeological sites of Bronze and Iron Ages. The indigenous Adyg population’s ancestors are considered to be ancient Meots, Sinds, Aheys, Zikhs, Kasogs, and Kerkets residing in the region.
Adygea was formed on July 27, 1922 as Adygeyskaya Autonomous Oblast with the center in Krasnodar. Since 1992, it is the Republic of Adygea.
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Road transport
Located about 1400 km of Moscow.
Air transport
Moscow – Adygea – 2h20m