Yaroslavl included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than a hundred of monuments of architecture including the unique temple buildings of the 16-18 centuries.

Yaroslavl is one of the few provincial cities of Russia, where you can find all the main directions of Russian architecture of the 16-20 centuries. The central part of Yaroslavl, built in accordance with the general plan approved by Catherine the Great in 1778, is a remarkable example of urban art of the Classical period. The unique urban structure of Yaroslavl was recognized by the world cultural community.

Yaroslavl is a city in Russia, the capital of the Yaroslavl region, is located in the central part of the East European Plain, on the both banks of the Volga River, where the Kotorosl River flows into it.
According to chronicles, Yaroslavl is the oldest existing city on the Volga River. This one of the oldest Russian cities that was founded in the 11 century and reached its heyday in the 17 centuries.
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Located about 280 km of Moscow.