Murmansk sea port is one of the largest ice-free ports in Russia. It is the port of registration of the barque «Sedov», the largest sailing vessel in the world. All Russian nuclear icebreakers are also registered in this sea port. The Northern Sea Route starts here.

Despite its young age, there are a lot of places of interest in Murmansk. In three districts of the city there are over thirty monuments and memorial boards.
Recently built bridges across the Kola Bay and Church of the Savior on the waters are among the unique sights of the city.

Murmansk is a city in northwest Russia, the capital of the Murmansk region. The city stretches over 20 km along the rocky eastern coast of the Kola Bay, 50 km from the Barents Sea. This is the largest city in the world located above the Arctic Circle.
The official year of foundation of the town is 1916. It was named Romanov-on-Murman in honor of the Romanov dynasty and after the Pomor people’s name for the Barents Sea. Romanov-on-Murman was the last town founded in the Russian Empire. In 1917, after the February Revolution, the city received its current name – Murmansk. In 1938, the city became the capital of the Murmansk region. Significant expansion of the territory of Murmansk happened in the 1970 – early 1980.
Average temperature
Road transport
Located about 1900 km of Moscow.
Air transport
Moscow – Murmansk – 2h30m