Kazan Kremlin is included in the UNESCO list of monuments of world heritage.

Kazan has a lot of museums, including 34 state museums, several public and private galleries.
Kazan has a lot of parks.

Kazan, a city in Russia and a large river port on the Volga River, is the capital of Tatarstan Republic.
According to the official version, Kazan was founded no less than 1000 years ago. Kazan was founded as an outpost on the northern borders of Volzhkaya Bulgaria. In 1438, the city became the capital of the Khanate of Kazan. In 1552, Kazan was captured by Ivan the Terrible and became part of Russia. The historic center of Kazan was rebuilt in 1990-2000.
Average temperature
Road transport
Located about 820 km of Moscow.
Air transport
Moscow – Kazan – 1h35m